3 Nail Trends You Have to Try!

28 Oct

Are you in a nail rut? Do you find yourself getting the same old mani and pedi at your weekly appointment? If so, snap out if it! Here are 3 nail trends to try to shake things up a bit!

Trend #1 The Reverse French Manicure
The French Manicure is a beautiful, classy way to wear your nails but definitely is long overdue for a makeover! Many nail nuts are taking this traditional mani and pedi one step further. After sitting through your basic manicure, ask your nail tech to apply a matte black base coat. Once it dries, as for your tips to be painted in a way that mimics a French manicure but use a shiny black tone on your tips to jazz up the black base. Your nails will look completely chic yet remain posh and polished and oh-so-appropriate to wear to work or at your special event.

Trend # 2 Polka Dots
They are everywhere! On shirts, sunglasses, coats, dresses, and now even your nails! Make your piggies pretty by opting for a polka dot design on your toes after receiving your standard pedicure, which preps your tootsies for polish. Choose a nude tone to serve as your base. Once it dries completely, create dots in the color of your choice with a small, fine tipped polish brush. Some popular colors to use are butter cream yellow, cobalt blue, soft lilac, and hunter green.

Trend #3 Slanted Tips
Similar to the reverse manicure, this trend starts with the tips of your nails. Paint nails a subtle and soft nude or pink tone. Once they dry, paint a thick slant across your nail tips and angle it downward, horizontally in a bright tone to get attention yet remain classy. Tangerine and metallic gold are two popular tones that are being used to create these sideways designs.

Get out of your nail rut and consider trying out some of the 3 hottest nail trends around town!


Mimic Celebrity Style

23 May

There are many beautiful Hollywood starlets’ style that we try to mimic with our hair, make-up, and ensembles on a daily basis or for our special events. Here is how you can put together looks from head to toe that will completely copy your favorite leading lady.

Angelina Jolie is said to be one of the most beautiful women alive. Copy her simple but classic style in a few easy steps. First, keep your make up simple. Line your eyes with a thick layer of black liquid liner and apply a coat of cherry red matte lipstick. Using a medium barrel curling iron, create loose, tousled waves and apply a few mists of a shine spray. Select a long, black, asymmetrical gown that has a subtle slit in the back hemline and wear a pair of black stiletto pumps. This look will completely embody Jolie and help you look elegant yet sexy for your wedding or other special event.

Rachel Zoe is a celebrity style icon who many women go “bananas” for. Put together an outfit that captures Zoe’s playful yet chic essence. Consider wearing a pair of dark wash bell bottom jeans with a pair of caramel colored platform wedges. Wear a retro printed, oversized silky button down blouse and an armful of shiny bangle bracelets.
Select a pair of oversized “sunnies” and apply a coat of nude lip gloss and pinky sparkly blush. Opt to style your hair in loose, crimped waves and tease your roots to get some lift. Carry an oversized envelope clutch and you will look like the dynamic diva in no time.
Many women just can’t get enough of Katie Holmes’ traditionally preppy style. The former Mrs. Cruise is always pulled together and polished in a pair of fitted straight leg jeans and printed flats. Copycat this look and be sure to wear a crisp, white button down blouse tucked into your jean and top it off with a fitted red blazer or a bright and cozy cardigan. Opt for a low, loose bun or leave your hair simple, straight and parted. Apply a layer of Chap Stick, a shimmering shadow, and a pinch of coral blush to the apples of your cheeks.
Boss Feb party 012You can make a celebrity’s style your own by following some tips above to look like some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies from hairstyle to heels!

Super Foods – Beauty in the Kitchen!

16 Apr

show3Did you know that you may be wasting hundreds of dollars a year shopping beauty bars and online health sites because you already have some powerful super foods at home to help whip your body and beauty routine into shape? Read on to learn about some super foods to stock up on in your kitchen because they boast some serious benefits externally, as well as internally!
Strawberries are not just a sweet treat. They are actually able to whiten your teeth. Say goodbye to expensive toothpastes, mouthwashes, and whitening strips and trays. Berries become a natural tooth cleanser. Simply crush a ripe strawberry with a tablespoon of baking soda (also an abrasive natural whitener) and brush the paste on damp teeth, allowing it to sit for a few minutes and then brush with your regular toothpaste. Repeat once a week to be on your way to whiter, shinier teeth.
Brown Sugar may taste great in your baked desserts, but be sure to save some to use as an organic body scrub! Brown sugar is a natural exfoliate and skin softener. Before stepping into the shower, mix a quarter cup of vegetable or olive oil with a third of a cup of brown sugar until a paste is formed. Rub it all over the dry spots on your body and feet. Rinse off with warm water and you will feel instantly soft and smooth, and your skin will have a subtle glow!
Lemon is a natural cleanser. It has also been known to shrink pores. Use some lemon juice to get rid of dirt and oil on your face, as well as lighten red spots caused by sun damage. Use the juice of a large lemon drop 2 tablespoons of sea salt into the mixture. Apply it to damp skin and then rinse with warm water. Repeat weekly to see results.
Consider using some of these super foods that you have around your house before purchasing expensive health and beauty products online or in stores.

A Powerful Pantry! Natural Beauty in your Kitchen!

22 Mar

How Your Everyday Items Can Improve Your Appearance

We all want to look our best but we all may not have the biggest budget to allow us to get our hands on some fabulous hair and skin products. Learn how to whip up your own lotions and potions using some common household ingredients that you may already have stocked up in your pantry!

Honey-Yogurt Mask
Have you ever wanted your face soft like honey? You can quickly turn this want into a reality! In a small bowl, squeeze about a cup of honey and scoop out about a half cup of plain yogurt. Mix them together until they are very smooth, and begin massaging a thin layer on your face. Let it sit until it is just about dry (about 20 minutes) and using a warm wash cloth, begin to wipe it off. This moisturizing mask will make your skin glow, feel smooth, and even help clear up some minor acne, thanks to the large dosage of honey! Repeat this process once a week in order to see serious results for less than one dollar a treatment!

Olive Oil Hair Mask
Many women underestimate the powerful effects of olive oil. It conditions, levels, and even strengthens your strands while adding plenty of softness and shine, especially during hot and humid summer months filled with dips into chlorine treated pools. Give your hair an instant and affordable treat by whipping up an olive oil mask. In a medium sized bowl, crack 2-3 eggs and add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Whisk the mixture together (it should be on the thicker side). Avoid using any more than 2 tablespoons of oil, especially if your hair tends to be on the greasy side. Massage the mixture into your scalp and wrap your locks in a warm towel. Leave the mixture in your hair for about 15 minutes and gently wash it out with warm water. Repeat once a month and you will notice your hair will look shinier and feel instantly stronger.

Put your best face (and hair!) forward by using a few key ingredients from your pantry that you probably already own and save hundreds of dollars a year while you look and feel your best!

Three Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop!

11 Mar

Boss Feb party 101

Our eyes are said to be the keys to our soul. Why not give them some added attention? Follow these three make up tips and tricks to get your eyes to pop!
Tip #1 Wear Liquid Liner
Liquid liner lasts much longer than pencil liner and defines eyes much better. It is also less likely to smudge after hours of use. Many glamour girls avoid liquid liner because it is difficult to apply evenly and without smudging on and under the lids. Until you become a pro at applying the liner, consider drawing a line first with your black pencil, to serve as a guideline for your liquid liner. If you miss any spots, the pencil base will cover them for you.
Tip #2 Try Two Tones
If dark black or brown liner makes your eyes look too intense, you can soften things up a bit while still making your eyes pop. Consider lining your top lids with a basic black liquid liner and your bottom lash line with a soft brown tone. You can apply it with a few gentle strokes of a pencil and smudge the line with a Q-tip, or dip a fine, liner brush in a drop of water and dip it into a soft brown powder for a more lasting effect.
Tip #3 Apply a Shimmering Shade That Mimics Your Eye Color
Contrary to popular belief, applying a tone that is the same color as your eyes will intensify your peepers. Opt for a shadow that has a shimmering finish and apply a bit of white highlighter shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make then stand out and look wide awake.
You don’t need to wear a lot of eye make-up to truly make a statement. You can make your eyes pop by following these three quick and easy steps!

A Winning Duo

21 Feb

Did you know there are certain hairstyles that completely complement your cocktail dresses and gala gowns’ necklines? Never wonder again how you should wear your hair for your upcoming special event. Read on to learn all about some winning duo’s when it comes to your own ‘do and dress!

If you are going to wear a sweetheart strapless gown, try styling your hair into a sculpted side bun. Also known as a chignon; the style will not take away from the focal point of the gown, it will ensure that your hair will not get in your face throughout the evening, and the style will emphasize your décolletage, as the dress’ design is meant to do!

If your dress has a boat neck, consider parting your straight, medium length or long locks down the middle and pull your soft strands to one side and attach it with a jeweled hair band. You can also tie it with a clear band, and wrap a strand around it, securing it with a few bobby pins and place a large floral hair clip slightly above the band. This style works with this neckline because it will keep the emphasis on your shoulders, which is the main intent of a boat neck.

If your dress has a deep V-neck and mimics the look of a Grecian goddess due to its flowing layers and draped features; consider wearing your hair half up and half down. Be sure to tease the top portion of your hair to provide your roots with a little lift. You can wear your hair straight or tasseled and even add some sparkly clips on one side of the upper portion of your ‘do. The style will balance out the eye catching neckline and help keep the emphasis on your face.

Once you have your gown in hand, consider some of the tips above to ensure that your hairstyle not only complements the cut of your gown, but emphasizes your style!

How to Wear and Pair Winter Coats for Your Body Type

11 Feb

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Once we accept our shape and understand its proportions and needs, we can dress to impress no matter what we wear! If you are in the market for a new winter coat, be sure to select something stylish and complementary to your figure.

The key to selecting a coat for your shape is being able to identify your body type. If you have a full figured, round, soft body; you have an apple shape. If you have a bigger bottom and a smaller upper half you have a pear shape. If you are long and lean all over, you have a banana body type.

If you have an apple body type, shop for coats that have a belted front feature that allows you to cinch your waist and define your curves. Coats that also have angled front pockets will also create the illusion of a smaller waist. Choosing a wool coat is always a great choice for apple body types because wool doesn’t lose its shape, will keep you warm, and will not cling to your body. Also, be sure to select a coat that has a hemline that sits slightly under your hip to create balance and the illusion of a defined, hourglass figure. Solid, dark tones are always a sure bet.

If you have a pear body type, shop for coats that have a military design. The structure of the coat is fitted in the shoulders, streamlined on the upper half of your body, and flares gently outward to accommodate bigger bottoms. Also, bright, brassy button fixtures or embellishments tend to draw the eye upward, taking emphasis off a round bottom. Choose hemlines that hit mid-thigh and select a bright color or medium sized print.

If you have a banana body type, you are in need of some serious volume and assistance with shaping. Choose a light colored coat that has a belt front feature and a tulip hemline or a skirted and ruffled bottom, allowing the coat to fit and flare out. A rounded tulip hemline also creates the illusion of curves while a ruffled bottom adds some volume. Your ideal hemline will sit right above the knee.

Once you understand how your body is shaped and its specific needs, you can shop for a coat that boasts great style and a great fit!